Here is the list of The DDWishers & their ‘Author Past Post Panel’ with ‘RSS Feed Subscription Link’.

Now you can join our team as Author or Contributor by just sending a comment on this page. Type: Join Team DDWishers in comment box and post it.

Needed To Join Our Team:

  • User must have WordPress account.
  • If you’re not a user of WordPress then Click Here for signup.
  • After signup send us your registered email address or username at: or via EmailMeForm
  • We’ll invite that user within 24 hours for the post of ‘Author’ or ‘Contributor’ for sure.
  • Please open your wp-registered email and accept our ‘Drashti Dhami Wishers invitation.
  • To see user role please Click Here.
  • Any query related to joining our team, do write us to our Administer or send a mail form Here.








    Admin Name RSS Feeds Contact Email
    Drashti Dhami Wishers Subscribe RSS
    Send Mail








    Editor Name RSS Feeds Contact Email
    Shruti ShAh Subscribe RSS
    Send Mail








    Authors Name RSS Feeds
    Rupali Taurani Subscribe RSS
    Rajat Shahare Subscribe RSS














    Contributor Name RSS Feed
    Piyush Raut Subscribe RSS
    Swati Shahare Subscribe RSS
    Rupali Taurani Subscribe RSS
    Hunk Aryan Subscribe RSS
    NikitaJi Subscribe RSS

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